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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  December 3, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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sandhya patel. >> yes. freeze warnings affecting north bay first tomorrow night showing you live doppler seven hd. clearing skies. freeze warning temperatures at 2:00 a.m tomorrow, running until thursday, at 9:00 a.m . expecting 20s overnight. we're going to flirt with records possible damage to sensitive plants protect your pipes and don't forget about pets. wednesday night, thursday morning there is an increased risk of hypo therma. checking out the view, you can see why. those numbers are going down. low 30s in concord and livermore, colder weather is ahead we may be talking about snow showers here in the bay area. details coming up. >> thank you very much. abc7
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news reporter is live right now with a look at how folks are dealing with the cold >> i find it's colder here in the north bay. i tend coffee show. i order a cup of coffee to stay warm. now, thank you very much. unfortunately, not everybody was able to do the same. >> carol made a special trip to stock up for cold days ahead >> we can't wait. so i'm just filling up the back seat. >> business has been slow. until today. >> this should be good throughout the week. >> michael was busy working to
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keep warm. >> we've got to wear more layers here. >> cold weather great for trees but low temperatures expected tonight are a great concern to the homeless population of san rafael. >> each night they'll be taken to a different congregation in marin. our guests will sleep on the floor and have a dinner. and with protected from elements. >> because of the freezing temperatures they do expect a full house. >> a search for a bay area family ended for now. dale smith was flying his family when that plane went missing. snow continues to be a problem
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we're live outside of the company smith founded. vic? >> that is right this, is the offices of serial tech. the workers here are very concerned and worried. the search called off today because of darkness and bad weather. that has been a problem ever since the plane disappeared but today, helicopters, fixed wing craft and ground crews conducted a massive search in this area. hopefully he just doesn't have cell phone contact. >> that is the hope of his business partner is that plane made a soft landing. earlier a ray of hope. a rescue plane detected something. >> search and rescuers were able to pick up a very weak elt transmitter broadcast. from downed aircraft helping them
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narrow the area for which they're searching. however, dark sunset is approaching. >> reporter: searchers were unable to find the plane. smith piloted the six seater which lost contact on sunday. he was flying from oregon to montana. smith reported engine trouble. he radio controllers to help him get to a small back country landing strip called johnson creek air strip. on board with smith, his daughter, amber, her fiancee, smith's son, daniel, and his wife. smith and his family had just spent thanksgiving in oregon. he was just taking his son and daughter back to butte, montana and his daughter back to i'd. >> i where she goes to school. >> smith was going back to oregon to pick up his wife and other daughter and two younger
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sons and bring them back to san jose. so the search resumes tomorrow, of course, weather permitting. his wife says those aboard are wearing winter jackets and layered clothe soing that may help them survive freezing temperatures. vic lee, abc7 news. in other news abc7 news learn aid motorcyclist killed in a crash was this man, co-host of the hgtv show curb appeal. the 38-year-old hit by a car around 8:30 last night. the driver is cooperating with the investigation. san francisco police are searching for the driver who took off after hitting a pedestrian not once, but twice in the soma neighborhood around 11:00 this morning at bran onand 7th street about a block from jewelry mart. police tell abc7 news the driver hit the person, moved the sxrik
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ran over the person's leg the driver took off the car described as a four door rental with nevada plates the victim taken to the hospital with unknown injuries. and in campbell, police investigating a murder suicide of a 92-year-old wife and her 89-year-old husband the couple had an agreement if one could not take care of another they could wo take their own lives. >> the district attorney is the target of a protest tonight under pressure over her investigation into the shooting of santa rosa teenager andy lopez she's holding an election this evening but not going as planned. abc7 news reporter wayne freedman is live outside of the memorial auditorium. wayne? >> good morning. the district attorney has a few uninvited guests behind me. these are the protestors. she's asking for
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campaign funds. they're on the fund asking for an document. it seems there is almost always someone at the andy lopez memorial. this afternoon it was frank size getting on the rally. >> so let her know if she does not do necessary things, that there is no hope from questions how and why seven bullets were pumped into and through a 13-year-old mistaking a replica gun. >> that police officer, the sheriff was shooting at a body
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in the ground. >> the board of supervisors moved towards putting lapel cameras on sheriff deputies. >> i think this board committed to spending $250,000 for cameras, deputies. $350,000 to form a task force. another $75,000 for town hall meetings. i don't think over half a million dollars is lip service. >> the board looking at purchasing the lot where lopez dieed and making it a park. >> there is been a park slated for that property. i have had conversations with the property owner. he is open to conversation and dialogue. >> probably a quieter dialogue than the public one we've seen for six weeks now. in santa rosa, wayne freedman abc7 news. >> union members have two words for bart management. a contract snafu turns into a lawsuit.
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>> also ahead rights to frequent flyers the supreme court steps in, indicating how it might rule. >> potential risk from using baby strollers the story. >> and live in emeryville tonight, the raideretts and tap dancing christmas trees are trying to teach spencer a thing or two. so far, just moving [s[man] no one told her,right?a.
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[son]hi! [mom screams] san jose police approved a contract offer. the offer calls for a 10% restoration of a pay cutoffsers took in 2009. low pay blamed as a reason why 69 san jose officers resigned this year
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alone. >> bart unions sued the transit agency over the contract that ended the recent strike. giving workers up to six weeks paid medical leave. it made it into the contract though both sides agreed to remove it during negotiations the board approved the contract but only if the clause in dispute is removed the unions sued and called the effort ill legitimate and unprecedented. >> police say quick thinking led to an arrest of a teenager when tried to rob her. police say the teenager kicked the woman and punched her. the woman did manage to describe the teenager and the car in which she's escaped. three minutes after the call police found the car in oakland. it had been stolen. two
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other teen-aged boys also were arrested a minnesota man kicked out of the world perks program will likely not be able to suchl the man did file suit but the airline says it's because after back to yous northwest cited a seven month period in which the man complained 24 times, rewarded with thousands in cash and travel miles. today, the supreme court hinted they'd rule against him saying a lawsuit would go against deregulations >> if an expectant mom son your holiday shipping list you may be considering buying a stroller but there are concerns to be aware of. >> yes. consumer reports partnered with seven on your side to reveal what you need to know >> strollers can be dangerous. consumer reports and consumer products safety commission found several strollers could pose a risk to strangulation. i should
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say of strangulation. so it's very important to be careful which stroller you buy, and make sure you use it properly. >> the baby, i know he was. everyone says that but he was smart and funny. and he was the best thang ever happened to me. >> the 7-month-old's parents never thought it would be dangerous to put him for a nap in the stroller. but then a horrible accident. >> he was struck in the stroller. they took him to the hospital. from there, he's gone. >> the stroller with the design similar to this one, was deemed dangerous enough to be recalled in 2010 after bobby's death. the
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problem? the size of the space between the tray and the seat. >> the opening large nouf allow a child to slide through but not big enough for the head the head can get caught the child can be strange you'lled all children should be harnessed. >> bobby was not strapped in but consumer reports says strollers should be safe even if unharnessed the test found several strollers that pose a similar risk. many have been recalled but a recall doesn't mean they're completely off the market. >> we went on craig's list and bought two used strollers recalled and posted similar hazards. >> when shopping check consumer reports recommendations the stlolers performed well in consumer reports tests consumer reports says be sure to always use the harness to strap in your child. >> the parents are suing over the accident. now if you have a
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stroller and want to check the list i've made it easy. just go to our web site. abc7 we have information on the seven on your side page. grandparents should check as well. >> holiday season means people need help, too. 49,000 people relie on community food banks for meals >> tonight one youngster helping make a difference. just like we want to make an impact. >> and and spencer christian is live helping to collect food did we see you dancing just a moment ago, spencer? >> yes. i was, people behind me were dancing. oakland raideretts are here. and right now we're in front of the booth set up by the alameda county community food bank helping us give where we live. donate food, time or
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money. you're going to be-to-meet two special people. we have susan base onand tell what you did >> we did a haunted house we tried to get cans donated. >> you sxared people? >> yes. probably about 700 people. >> that is scary. >> sam raised money for 800 meals. so great and you're helping children in the community. thank you so much. >> i have seen haunted houses and love halloween. i wanted to help a good cause. so i just
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combined the two. >> you can donate food and wheat chex and personal checks. >> you can help now by texting the word feed to the number 80077. so please help us out. the need is real the time of the year to give. don't you sni >> absolutely. it s we know many people will. thank you very much. >> and you can also help us feed the bay thaer holiday svenlt -- season. we're going to donate $one in your honor to feeding america food bank. >> your good deed can be rewarded everyone taking the pledge could be rewarded to win $7,000 cash. spread the love. help us give
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where you live. >> great time of the year to help others >> this cold snap is starting to sink. >> yes. >> here is the weather. in time for flannel pjs. kids need to have those layers tonight. it's going to be cold. >> what about us? >> yes. pull out your flannel pjs. >> exactly. >> i'm concerned about adults as well. clooirz, cold front coming through. we're feeling a chill this afternoon and evening. snow showers continuing to taper. there is more fresh powder coming up take a look at winds this, is interesting. have you wind coming out of the north, northwest it's making you feel chillier out there. sutro
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camera, beautiful. sun went down. san francisco, 52 degrees. san jose, 50 degrees. lake tahoe going to be dealing with chill tonight. more snow coming up this week. napa, 49. the view from our roof camera a little bit of a light breeze. freeze warning tonight and if chill is not enough we may see snow showers here down to 2000 feet. here is a cold front. it did produce a drizzle. light showers into morning in spots. cold air continues to work south ward.
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this area of low pressure, another cold system notice snow and rain in northern california. here in the bay area, we'll be talking about cold showers. could see 6 to 12 inches. so snow levels dropping to a thousand feet. you can expect delays. thursday is the time. if you want to go enjoy powder get up there. that is your dry day. tomorrow morning 27 napa. chilly conditions expected. look at santa cruz. 34 degrees 40 degrees in san francisco. so you want to dress warmly
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tomorrow morning and hang on to extra layers temperatures upper 40s. it's not going to feel like it should. temperatures dropping lower, wide spread freeze thursday morning. upper 40s to low 50s. cold rain we'll continue for the first part of the weekend. getting out of the chill as far as snow and rain. sunday is dry. we'll get a bit of a break. >> yes. >> okay. >> there you go. >> sounds good. >> thank you. >> coming up next, mapping the great. >> how men and womens brains are hard wired to work very differently.
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there is a foush trance form a neglected park into a vibrant spaces. neighbor s complain it's full of crime. they want a nation yl company to give st. james new life. this is what levitt did for mcarthur park in los angeles. >> two san francisco state students on a plane now heading to washington, d.c. to get an award for a video game idea. at their young age, the 20-year-old and 22-year-old are already veteran video game designers made this zombie killing game the next venture is founders quest. this teachers players how to start a business it's a textbook inside of a
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video game. they hoech kit change lives. >> inspire children to build their own businesses because later on we want to change the economy. even out distribution between low, middle and high income. >> when >> if you ever played sims it works the same way. idea won as vad vido game award of the year. >> forget right brain left brin thinking. researchers at university of pennsylvania yoused brain imaging to show how brain cells are connected. this is a male brain. compare that to women. panning down here,
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they're more concentrated. researchers say this shows women are hard wired for thinking and men hard wired for perception and action. showing a woman is likely to use her entire brain the man uses just half of his. >> half on a good day. >> coming up, operation santa
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hod ewelcome to covered california. now, you can no longer be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. enroll today at coming up, third time is a charm. how michael finney was able to give a woman a wheel share she needs >> and efforts to build a car in a day
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the company promising a finished product by 6:00. be sure to see if workers make it. >> its coming up in a half hour at 6:00 >> there is an easy way to take part in a tradition to help deserving children the postal service launched national letters to santa program. people invited to go to san francisco or oakland and select letters to santa, then, fulfill requests. >> people when take part say they're surprised many are for basicness tiz orring something for a relative. >> good for the community. keeps joy of the holidays and sabt santa, alive. last year we got over 5,000 letters. and fulfilled 00 letters last year. it's a record for us. >> the postal service hopes to answer at least 2000 letters. that is mazing. iet would be
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nice. >> world news is up next. >> thanks for joining us. we appreciate your time and will see you again at 6:00. welcome to "world news." tonight, deep freeze, a kind of cold not seen in decades. biting winds and snow, temperatures expected to drop 15 degrees in 24 hours. zoned out, did the engineer fall asleep as the train barrelled 82 miles per hour towards disaster? made in america christmas, how we could create 200,000 new jobs together. david muir getting a kick start from the rockettes. >> made in america! whoo! good evening to you on this tuesday night. we begin with a nation heading into a deep freeze. 149 million americans in at


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